VitalPaks+ Personalized Supplements 30 Day Supply Dietary Supplements

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30 Day Supply of Personalized Supplements carefully crafted just for you and designed for your health and wellness. Dietary Supplements support your daily health and wellness. 


Foundational Formula

The perfect formula for your every day needs-sets your foundation for health to help rebalance your body Active Nutrients w/out iron
Vitamin D3 5000
Omega Pure TG 900
ProbioMax Daily

Stress (Chill Pills)

Guides you towards your inner zen by supporting stress-refile and relaxation each and every day. CortisolV
BioC 1:1
B Active

Sleep (Sweet Dreamzzz)

Helps you achieve a great nights sleep, leaving you feeling well-rested and ready to conquer the day. Theanine
Mood Food

Basic Immune (Immune Support 101)

Basic Immune support for keeping your body healthy and strong every day. Active Essentials w/out Iron D3 5000
Immune Essentials
XCellent C

Advanced Immune (Turbo Immune)

Advanced immune support for keeping your body healthy and strong every day. XCellent C
Active Nutrients w/out Iron
D3 5000
ProBio Max SBDF

Hormonal - (Meno "Pause" Busting Formula)

Hormonal support for any going through menopause who needs a boost to feel like their best self. Active Nutrients for Women
ProBio Max Daily
Monopure 1300

Fat Burner - (Feel the Burn)

Weight loss support this formula helps with metabolism and fat-burning. Optifiber Lean
Carnite X
Conjulean 1000