PaleoMeal® Plus Lean Body Program Vanilla

PaleoMeal® Plus Lean Body Program Vanilla

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The PaleoMeal® Plus Lean Body Program is designed to support healthy weight loss and successful weight maintenance by helping individuals lose fat while maintaining lean muscle. The program is easy to follow, which translates into high compliance and great outcomes. The simple steps to success are highlighted in the patient guidebook, which is included in every program kit.

PaleoMeal® DF

  • Great taste to support compliance
  • High quality protein source to promote the maintenance of muscle and a healthy metabolism
  • Fiber and glucomannan to provide satiety support and help control hunger
  • Dairy-free for those with sensitivities to milk and milk products
  • Vegan formula to support a diverse patient population


Weight Loss Support Packets

  • Supports a healthy metabolic rate
  • Helps the body burn fat as fuel
  • Supports insulin and leptin sensitivity, and helps modulate cortisol
  • Helps control food cravings
  • Supports increased energy levels